Monte Fest Website & Social Media
Date: Spring/Summer 2014

Purpose: To create a website and manage social media accounts for a new community festival in Montezuma, Iowa.

Summary: Monte Fest was a new event, so digital brand identity and information about the event was a necessity. I used WordPress to create the website, purchasing an affordable theme and then creating graphics and writing copy to complete the site. Once the website was launched, I created Twitter and Facebook accounts for the event.

The website received thousands of views leading up to the event, and I regularly updated it with new details about the event as planning progressed. I posted Facebook and Twitter updates regularly, especially within the two weeks prior to the event. The event itself, which was marketed largely via social media, attracted 5,000+ people, the largest event the community had hosted in decades. The Facebook photo album with photos from the festival racked up 201,000 clicks!