ORGANIZATION: Homemakers Furniture

DATE: 2018

MY ROLE: Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Digital Marketer


I partnered with Homemakers Furniture to create sponsored content on my home and organization blog, Small Stuff Counts, that increased awareness of the Homemakers store as a destination for nursery furnishings.


The goal of this campaign was to drive awareness of nursery furnishings available at Homemakers Furniture and to highlight one of their dressers within a nursery through a sponsored blog post and social media shares.


  • Established campaign goals and objectives with the client
  • Managed campaign timeline, communications and reporting
  • Styled and photographed lifestyle images of a Homemakers product
  • Produced a blog post that included engaging storytelling, an informative tutorial, lifestyle photography and a call to action to shop Homemakers
  • Published numerous Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook posts with content optimized for each platform


  • Showcased the Homemakers product within the context of quality lifestyle content
  • Drove awareness of nursery furnishings available at Homemakers
  • Produced lifestyle photography for use on the brand’s social media channels
  • Generated social conversations and mentions of the brand




sponsored-blog-campaign-report sponsored-blog-campaign-report