Date: Fall 2013
Link: History & ArchitecturePurpose: To freshen up an architectural walking tour of the Grinnell community by making it more interactive, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

Summary: This walking tour had been created several years ago and published as a full-color, multi-page booklet. The publication was not cost-effective to reprint and had a very small distribution. I reformatted the tour into a user-friendly guide that can easily be downloaded as a PDF and printed on regular 8.5×11” paper.

To complement the existing walking tour, I wrote scripts for and oversaw the production of video tours that correspond with each landmark included in the walking tour. The videos are now accessible on YouTube, promoted on, and shown on an iPad at the Grinnell Visitor Center (which is the first landmark featured on the tour).
The printed walking tour guide includes QR codes that direct readers to the video tours of each landmark. This made the tour more interactive, while still being self-guided. Few landmarks included on the tour are regularly open to the public, so the video tours give people a glimpse of the inside of each attraction.