ORGANIZATION: Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce / Grinnell Convention & Visitors Bureau

DATE: Spring 2016

MY ROLE: Marketing Strategist, Writer, Editor, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager, Website Designer, Photographer, Project Manager, Event Planner, Registration Manager


Grinnell Games, Iowa’s Family Sports Festival, is Grinnell’s signature tourism event. It is a weekend of athletic events designed to brand the city as a healthy, family-focused place to live and visit.


My co-worker and I were responsible for planning, marketing and executing the festival. Our goal was to grow event participation, fill all volunteer shifts, increase sponsorship revenue and promote the event statewide as a vehicle for branding the community.


  • Finalized the schedule of events based on past feedback and input from a steering committee
  • Created and executed a marketing plan to generate event registrations, give exposure to sponsors and promote the community across the state
  • Conceptualized, wrote and designed all promotional content
  • Designed and managed the event website using Adobe Dreamweaver, coordinated online event registrations
  • Collaborated with co-worker to plan all logistics leading up to the event
  • Managed registrations, oversaw logistics, took photos, updated social media and posted race results to website during the event
  • Promoted race results and compiled wrap-up reports following the event


  • Nearly 1,000 people from 12 states and 77 Iowa cities participated in Grinnell Games.
  • All 126 volunteer shifts were filled, allowing the weekend to run smoothly
  • Although event participation did not increase as we had hoped, our successful sponsorship program helped us exceed income goals and keep expenses under budget
  • All large sponsors renewed their sponsorship commitments for 2017


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