ORGANIZATION: Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce

DATE: March 2016

MY ROLE: Writer, Presentation Designer, Speaker


The Chamber of Commerce presents business awards during its annual banquet each spring. In the past, the awards program was fairly informal. There was no script or presentation, simply the director announcing the award recipients. Without a script, the program tended to get lengthy and the audience would become antsy.


My goal was to elevate the professionalism of the awards program and increase the prestige of the awards. I wanted to improve the experience for the audience by providing context about each award recipient to pique their interest, while also keeping the program concise so there was more time to socialize afterward.


  • Wrote a script for the awards presentation, which provided a brief description of each award along with some information about the award recipient and why they were deserving
  • Scripted the program to alternate between myself and my co-director, rather than one person speaking. This helped hold the audience‚Äôs attention.
  • Designed a PowerPoint presentation to accompany the script and enhance the program


  • The award program took half the time it used to and provided more substance and context about each award recipient
  • Winners received better recognition because audience members were paying attention and learning about their business achievements
  • Attendees appreciated having more time to socialize with each other following the program
  • Elevated the professionalism of the event and provided a better experience to all involved