ORGANIZATION: Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership

DATE: 2017

MY ROLE: Writer, Graphic Designer


The Grinnell AmeriCorps Partnership had implemented a lot of programming and hit many milestones in its first year. They wanted to document program highlights and compile them in a format that would be easy to publicize and share with others to showcase the program’s impact.


My goal was to compile content and format it into an eye-catching infographic that would be published on the program website, printed as an informational handout and included as supporting documentation in grant reports.


  • Interviewed 6 AmeriCorps members as well as program managers to collect data and stories about their area of focus
  • Compiled interview findings into points of interest and key data
  • Designed an infographic showcasing the highlights of each program area
  • Formatted the infographic for use as a digital graphic on website and social media; created an alternate PDF format for easy printing on letter-size paper


  • The highlights of first year of the AmeriCorps program were documented in an infographic that was easy for program leaders to share in grant reports, program events, meetings and member recruiting efforts