ORGANIZATION: Grinnell Area Chamber of Commerce

DATE: 2016

MY ROLE: Editor, Graphic Designer, Partnership Sales, Benefits Implementation


As is the case with many organizations, the Chamber of Commerce seeks sponsors for numerous programs and events. This historically meant meeting with businesses multiple times each year to pitch sponsorships. This was time-consuming for staff and didn’t give sponsors enough lead time to include these opportunities in their budgets.


The goal was to streamline the process by approaching businesses with a menu of opportunities for the entire year. By presenting options for the entire year, we hoped businesses would appreciate the forethought and increase their annual sponsorship commitments.


  • Collaborated with co-worker to compile all sponsorship opportunities and brainstorm new benefits for each
  • Designed a booklet (using Adobe InDesign) that professionally showcased all of the sponsorship opportunities in one guide
  • Met with potential sponsors and used the booklet as a sales tool


  • Sponsorship dollars increased significantly, and our largest supporters used the booklet as a guide when setting their budgets resulting in more total sponsorship dollars
  • Strategically presenting our opportunities in one booklet helped us look beyond events and design opportunities to sponsor other programs and projects as well
  • Helped our internal staff better deliver benefits to sponsors throughout the year by serving as an internal checklist and reference, ensuring we were fulfilling our commitments to each sponsor


Partnership Opportunities 2016